2D Animation process


//2D Animation process

2D Animation Process

2D animation is a type of animation which creates movement in a two-dimensional artistic space. Work in the field of 2D animation requires both technological and creativity skills.

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2D animation focuses on creating storyboards, characters and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments. Many modern animation studios (such as Pixar and DreamWorks) use 3D animation tools to create the characters and environments for their films, sculpting them out of thousands of small digital polygons and animating them with computer code like puppets on strings. The 2D animation doesn’t employ any fancy virtual spaces or digital models, opting for a more straightforward approach: simply drawing the frames of each scene and letting our brain fill in the rest. For more information on 2D Animation Courses in Surat, get touch with us today

Digital 2D Animation

2D Animation -Arena Surat

Modern 2D animators don’t just use paper and pencils to create and design the animated features we see on TV and in the films. 2D animation has gone fully digital and uses cutting-edge technology to create the breathtaking detail and artistic fidelity we have come to expect from modern films. The 2D animation uses vector graphics and bitmap to create and edit the animated images and created using computers and software tools, such as After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Flash. These animations used in films, advertisements, television shows, computer games, or websites.

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2D Animation Techniques

  • Classic, hand-drawn animation – Disney’s Lion King.

  • Cutouts animation – Monty Python

  • Rotoscope animation – Waking Life

  • Flipbook animation – Keith Haring has made some famous ones.

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Computer Assisted Animation (2D)

All types of animation that use a computer somewhere in the process.

Mostly we use it to describe the tools that have come to replace paper, pencil and film.

For Example:

  • Flash animations – Many TV series are now done in Flash.

  • Coloring and layering hand-drawn animation using a computer.

  • Drawing directly into an animation software with a Pen Tablet.

Process of 2D Animation

2D Animation - Arena Surat

1. Concept and Script: Animator starts by understanding the initial concept and script and detail out a basic sketch of characters and sequence.

2. Storyboard: Once the basic character and script are identified, then animators develop a full storyboard keeping in mind. The storyboard will provide insight into production layout, a flow of the story, character design, etc.

3. Layout Design: Animator draws and designs a layout from the storyboard in which it defines the action and prescription in the scene.

4. Animatic: The animator use animatic to pre-visualization the film before production starts to get a sense of the style and pace of the concept.

5. Keyframe Development: The Animation team then develop keyframes to define which movement the viewers will see as well as the timing of the movements.

6. Cleanup and Colouring Process: After the keyframe, animator takes the animation to the final drawing that one sees in the finished film with the cleanup process. In this stage, they add color to the animation.

7. Character Rigging and Animation: In this step, animator forms a skeletal by creating a series of bones that deform and animate specific parts of the character.

8. Compositing and Editing; Next, the animator composes and edit a various scene of the story.

9. Voice Over: Animator then integrates voice music and special effects to make the animation attractive and appealing.

10 Final Render: Finally, a 2D model is generated to bring the animation to life.

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