5 Best Adobe Photoshop Tool for Beginners

//5 Best Adobe Photoshop Tool for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop a wonderful Image editing tool. It is one of the essential tools for most professional designers and photographers. For UI designers, Photoshop is one of the basic tools that help them to create a brilliant web/app design. This Arena Surat blog post introduces you five best Adobe Photoshop Tool for beginner designers and photographers.

5 Best Adobe Photoshop Tool for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop Tool

1. Magnetic Lasso Tool

The Magnetic Lasso tool is an easy selection tool helps you to trace and outline the actual part of an image that you want to edit and then separate it from the rest of part for performing specific actions.

Example: Select and separate an object from its background area. The lasso tool detects the edges of an object, so it works well when you bold contrast between an object and background with well-defined edges.

The Magnetic Lasso appears in plain sight in Photoshop tool-panel.

  1. Click and press the mouse button down on the ‘Lasso’ tool till a fly-out menu appears.
  2. The Magnetic Lasso is the last one with a little magnet on its icon.
  3. Select it and then go to the image layer.
  4. Put the mouse on the edge of the part you want to modify. Click the mouse once, release and go over the edges of the object you want to select.

Click on below Video: Photoshop: How to use the Magnetic Lasso Tool


2. Adjustment Layers Tool

This is a fantastic Adobe Photoshop Tool for the commitment-phobes among us and adjustment layers allow you to apply color or tone alterations to an image while keeping the original photo intact.
Wondering what an image would look like if only the sky were yellow for an instant? Let your imagination run wild and adjust the color and hue on elements of the image by adding a top layer to it. The best part of the adjustment layer feature is by adding that extra layer and you can reverse your changes while holding the rest of the image intact.

Click on below Video: Photoshop adjustment Layers Tutorial – Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners


3. Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand is another selection Adobe Photoshop Tool when you are working with a background that is more monotone and consistent. It often used to switch up backgrounds or large color blocks.

Step to Use it

  1. Choose the ‘Magic Wand Tool’ from the tools panel.
  2. Click on the part of the image you want to select
  3. Make sure that you toggled the “add to selection” option on the top bar so that you can move forward with switching up the tones and colors of your selection.

Click on below Video: How to cut image using magic wand tool in Photoshop


4. Dodge Tool

The Dodge tool is the perfect Adobe Photoshop Tool for lightens pixels wherever you use it. If you want to give a face in the image a brighter appearance here’s how to do that:

Step to Use it:

  1. Set the Dodge Tool to a soft brush
  2. Go to ‘Range setting’ in the menu bar’s pull-down and choose ‘highlights.’
  3. Set Exposure on around 20% and then brush over the portion that you want to lighten. Classic examples are brightening eyes or teeth.
  4. This will make the person in photo achieve that fresh and more awake appearance that you are after. Remember not to overdo it, or your fresh face will start to look like an exotic.

Click on below Video: How to use Dodge, Burn and Sponge Tool Photoshop CS6


5. Layer Styles Tool

A layer style is a simple and easy way to add pizzazz in the image. This Adobe Photoshop Tool style has special effects that can be quickly applied to individual layers of the image. Simply double-click on a layer and then select the effect you like to add. Select from a variety of features, add a stroke or a glow, and drop a shadow and more with just in one mouse click. Remember this feature can be addicting. Don’t overdo it as these effects tend to look low when used in excess.

Click on below Video: Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Beginners Tutorial – Layer Styles

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