7 Skills Required to Become a Successful Animator

//7 Skills Required to Become a Successful Animator

Successful Animator

Successful Animator
Animation is an exciting career field with a lot of opportunities. Animators create images either by hand or using computers software, for companies such as gaming companies, advertising agencies and motion graphics studio. They make movies, video games, commercials and television shows. Animation is a modern art form that offers numerous job opportunities to skilled and successful animator. If you have always loved animation, you can make a career out of it!

7 Skills Required to Become a Successful Animator

Animator skills play an important role in the creation of a movie, a video game or a television show. Animators are artists that create animations, graphics, visual effect, special effects, etc. using computer software and tools.

An animator creates animations, they give life to the characters, and for that he/she needs to be very skilled, creative, technical skills, the art of movement and other skills that you will discover further.

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1. Graphic Design Skills

The foremost responsibility of an animator is to bring character to life and for that, it needs to have knowledge of graphics motion. Animators should know how to create characters, visual effects, and how to make animations more real to life.

2. Analyzing Skills

A good animator must pay attention to small details like where, is the character looking, how fast the character should move, an eye-blink, hair, etc. make the difference and could give your animation a more professional appearance. A successful animator observes and analyzes every detail of one individual, character expressions, the way they walk, etc. and everything that surrounds it.

3. Drawing Skills

The first step in constructing animation is to create a plan and a storyline. The animator needs good drawing skills to visually explain the concept of the animation to a design team or client. In some cases, the animator creates a storyline or assist the client in the storyline development.

4. Timing and Spacing

An animator needs to use his knowledge of animation to move a character to create natural movements. For that animator have a good sense of timing and spacing to anticipate movements, action and reaction.

5. Color Theory

Every animation needs colors to be a successful animator you need to understand the color theory first. You have to understand how to use colors on your characters and what color you should use to express different feelings, emotions, etc. You have to think about what your animation want to communicate to the audience and to choose the perfect colors for that.

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6. Creativity and Innovation

It may take years to design and develop your own style, but every animator should make their mark and create unique animations that people will remember with pleasure. Make your art creative and innovative, so you make yourself known in the world of the animation industry and become a successful animator.

7. Technical Animator Skills

To give life to the characters, an animator needs to combine artistic skills with practical skills. It is important to have strong drawing skills because it is easier to sketch your ideas on animation tablet. Also, an animator needs to understand how the character body moves and to be aware of the principles of animation. Technical animator skills include audio editing, video editing and cutting-edge software like Adobe Flash, 3D Studio Max, After effect and more.

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