Animated Handwriting Effect in Adobe Premiere

//Animated Handwriting Effect in Adobe Premiere

Learn how to Create Animated Handwriting Effect in Adobe Premiere

Animated handwriting is a simple, subtle way to infuse a bit of flair into your business or especially in video projects. While it is possible to create an animated handwriting effect with Plugins, downloadable templates or online whiteboard video developers, this technique can be either limiting or overly complicated for a simple writing effect.

In this Arena Surat blog post we will walk you through on how to create an Animated Handwriting Effect in Adobe Premiere software.

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3 Step to Create Animated Handwriting Effect in Adobe Premiere

Animated Handwriting Effect

Step 1: Apply Write-on to Text Layer and Tweak the Starting Settings

To apply the effect, simply open your effects window tab, scroll down Generate > Write-on and simply drag-and-drop the effect onto the text layer. Then, in the effect options, you have to change a few parameters before making this magic happen.

Animated Handwriting Effect

The ones you need to bother about are:

Color: The color of the brush effect’s, which forms the overlaying path for effect. Set it on something contrasting from the underlying video, so it’s easy to understand when creating the path.

Brush Position: Set the position to the starting point and create a keyframe by clicking the animation button. A diamond will have popped up in the timeline to the right of the effect and this is the first keyframe. Any keyframes mention here refers as the brush position.

Brush Size: Size of the brush, which should be set slightly larger than the width of the text you are animating.

Brush Hardness: The hardness of the brush edges, set it at 100% for a solid animation or lower bit to have the letters fade in as they are “written.”

Brush Opacity: It can be good to set it at 80% or so when creating this effect, so you can make sure you are following along the text correctly.

Brush Spacing and Stroke Length: These options control the effect’s animation path between the keyframes that you are going to be making later. Stroke length is important, here as it affects how the actual strokes between keyframes act.

Paint Style: This option affects how the Write-on effect interacts with the image or text layer. Once you have plotted the brush path with keyframes, you can effectively turn the animation “on” by switching this setting to reveal the original Image.

Click on below Video: The Handwriting Effect in After Effects CC

Step 2: Creating the Animation Path with Keyframes

Move to the starting keyframe for effect in the timeline, to create the animated handwriting effect. Click on write-on or brush position to bring up the position controls in the program window.

To move forward a few frames use the directional keys (depends on how long you want the effect to last), click on the program window and move the write-on effect along with its intended path (which can be a straight line between each position, with Stroke Length setting from earlier filling in the curves and gap as you progress through creating the effect).

Animated Handwriting Effect

Move ahead to a few more frames, rinse and repeat.

If you look back to the Write-on effect’s properties, then you will notice that every time you move ahead on the timeline and draw/drag the path, a new keyframe is created. This is marking the frame and on-screen brush position as you go through the motions.

Animated Handwriting Effect

Once we have completed the animation path, then it’s time to flip an “on” switch.

Click on below Video: Handwritten Write-On Text Title Effect Premiere Pro

Step 3: Flip “On” Switch

Go back to the effect options and change the paint style to reveal the original image.

Render the affected area and click on play and be amazed by how difficult you created an animated handwriting effect.

Think of effect and brush path as an animated opacity layer, because that’s all it really is. This effect is a neat skill to have that can apply to much more than text, such as border frames, image outlines and more. Whatever layer effect is applied to, you have the same controls to explore it.

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