Career Course in Multimedia Design at Arena Surat

//Career Course in Multimedia Design at Arena Surat

What is a Multimedia Design?

One of the most exciting and fastest-growing occupations in visual arts is multimedia design. The multimedia designer creates a visual design in which it combines various types of media including images, text, audio and video to convey a specific message to the audience. From websites to movies and television and video games to interactive learning software, multimedia designers use their skills in animation, graphic design and technology to create products that entertain and inform.


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What does a Multimedia Designer do?

The multimedia designer plays an integral role in making attention-grabbing visuals art using special effects. In multimedia design both creative and technical skills required to integrate two or more types of media. On the internet, it is probably most prevalent where you might encounter a web page that uses a combination of text, audio and animation. The marketing and advertising industries have jumped on this trend of using multiple types of media to reach a vast audience. Industries such as video gaming are also taking advantage of variations in multimedia design.

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia designers use a variety of skills to create work that invokes an emotional response in the audiences. Skills they may use basis include drawing, computer software and creating a storyline or message to accompany the visual image. Multimedia designers spend their time in the research of a project. It is essential to ensure the success of the project once it goes through production and gets released to the public.


Many leaners choose to specialise in a specific area of multimedia design such as graphic arts, website design and video game development. While their responsibilities will vary depending on their speciality all creative careers involving multimedia require constant collaboration with others. Strong communication skills and the experience to compromise are required as artistic talent and technical know-how.


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Career Courses in Multimedia Designing At Arena Surat

There is a variety of career courses in the multimedia design field. You can expect to use different visual and technical skills such as animation software depending on your speciality in multimedia design:

Multimedia Design

Multimedia design courses teach you in an understanding of how images, sound, animation, symbols and text together can be used as an effective means of communication and describe the compelling message. This course trains you in various media applications such as Print, Moving and Interactive media.

Multimedia Web Design and Development

Multimedia course in Web design and development designed to give you a solid background in each of these fields. Web designing is an exciting career choice to build fresh and engaging websites with interactive pages and navigation. Web developers write code and setup software to add complex features and advanced functionalities to websites.

Multimedia Design & Publishing

Design & Publishing course trains students in all aspects of web designing, digital graphics and image editing. Designer explores the essential components of web and design and learns how to select images or illustrations to enhance a document. Publishing refers to the process of creating and compiling documents for print and publication.

Advertising Design and Marketing

Advertising design and marketing course combine technology with creativity to train students in the design, conceptual, advertising, marketing, technical and analytical aspects of communication for the digital space.

Multimedia Video Game

Multimedia video game programmers have the technical knowledge to construct video game animations, characters and backgrounds and set them together to create a complete product.


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