Career in Computer Animation Industry

//Career in Computer Animation Industry

Career in Computer Animation

Animation is a fast-growing industry with strong potential. In India, the Career in Computer Animation Industry contributes almost worth INR 59.5 billion according to the India-FICCI Indian media and entertainment industry.

All of us consume entertainment, ads/commercials, games, etc. for at least an hour a day. Since the last 6-7 years, the animation and VFX industry has immensely affected the entertainment industry. Animation and VFX make things much more comfortable and more efficient/effective on the production side as well.


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While kids are especially more excited about computer animation films, even a large number of adults, love to watch them as well. Cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse or the other cartoons like Chhota Bheem and Motu-Patlu are well known across the country. Hindi films like Padmaavat, Tiger Zinda Hai, Bahubali stayed in discussion due to their 3D effects.

Differences Between 2D and 3D Computer Animation

If an image played in the sequence frame by frame in the increasing or decreasing order, we feel that the object is walking. If an image played in the sequence by the speed of 12 video frames per second, our eyes perceive that it as a video. The objects seem to be walking by the principle of animation. There are two main types of animation 2D and 3D. While in 3D we can see width, height and depth of the objects in a scene we can only see height and width in 2D animations. They are different animation software used in the creation of 2D and 3D scenes such as Adobe After Effect, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Golaem Crowd, 3Ds Max, Fusion, Adobe Premier Pro and Maya Unlimited.

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What Animators Do?

An animation professional’s general workflow includes concept development, pre-production, production and post-production. As a part of the first step, a character has to be developed under the concept development process. The conversion of a concept into a layout is followed by scriptwriting, character development, storyboarding, background, layout designing and animating. At the production stage, the work of on visualization, background and colouring of the story is done. At the final stage, the animation scene is given final touches with the help of special effect and editing.

Animation and VFX is a creative field one always to do something new and innovative. If you are looking for a career in computer animation, it is necessary to have drawing skill and creativity. In this field, one has to keep patience because an animator may have to be seated in the studio for long hours in front of a computer. An animator should always be updated about the changes in the field of animation.

Animation Courses and Qualifications

There are many courses available in our Arena Surat Animation Training Institute in the form of animation, vfx, graphics, multimedia to get into this field. This course can be done after 12th. The courses include both full-time and part-time in certificate programs. Our Arena Surat Training Institute also provides the facility of job placement after the end of the course.

Job Designations

In making one animation film on an average, the services of about 500 animators are required. These professionals are associated in graphic, animation, VFX and web fields. Check out the list below to give you some computer animation career ideas:

1. Animation Modeller

Such professionals have good knowledge of anatomy making model for animation. These model can be in any format like in 2D or 3D.

2. Storyboarding Artist

The drawing skill should be strong in the person for such positions because the storyboard artist prepares the sequence of the whole events. These professional visualize the events of every frame.

3. Character Animator

The character animator is an expert in showing like alive any character or object. Such people have a good knowledge of stop-motion animation, clay animation and traditional animation.

4. Background Artists

The background artist has the work to prepare the background scene of animation. He colors the background of character or object.

5. 2D Animator

The responsibility to define a sequence with the help of different drawings lies on the 2D animator. He also creates large size drawings.

6. 3D Animator

Such professional work on 3D models to look real in a virtual world. The object frames are placed in such a sequence that there is an illusion of movement.

7. Layout Artist

The work of layout artist is like more or less of a cinematographer in any project. He job is to decide the angle of lights and camera as well as the sketches of background design for animation.

8. Other Job Profile

Special effects artists, scanner operator, compositing artist, audio-video specialist, ringing artists, texture artist, rendering artists, clean-up artist, lighting artist, compositor, keyframe animator, image editor, in-between-animator etc.


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Skills & Responsibilities of Computer Animator

Computer animators need a range of creative and technical to perform effectively in this industry. Below are some common day-to-day duties and marketable computer animation skill sets. Computer animators:

  1. Wield cutting-edge is digital animation techniques, such as motion capture, 3D modeling, character rigging and texture development, to make their on-screen creations come to life.
  2. Understanding of how and why things will help you to develop realistic animations.
  3. Work as part of a team to create large-scale effects and productions. The team set is another reason why career minded animators/artists should focus on a computer animation speciality.
  4. Utilize of storyboard to plan complex scenes and visualize sustained animation sequences.
  5. Possess strong knowledge of traditional art concepts, such as shading, color, perspective and composition.
  6. Can work 50 hours per week and even more when deadlines are approaching.


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