Difference Between Traditional and Computer Animation


//Difference Between Traditional and Computer Animation

Difference Between Traditional and Computer Animation

The traditional animation uses various methods that don’t involve digital tools, while computer animation methods use computers tools and software. Another way of differentiating is traditional animation uses physical materials and activities, while in computer animation uses virtual materials in a digital space. A different technique is involved in producing traditional animation as opposed to computer animation. However, techniques connected with traditional animation are making their way into computer animation. In this first blog from Arena Surat, we describe the difference between traditional and Computer Animation.

Traditional Animation Dominated Early Animation

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In traditional 2D cel animation and stop-motion animation, both fall under the same category of traditional animation which uses digital methods of filming. What matters is the method of creating and producing the animation itself. In cel animation, thousands of frames are created and designed which includes hand-inking, hand-drawing and hand-painting that is displayed on painted backgrounds and photographed in rapid sequence. On the other hand, stop-motion animation involves working with the physical models and objects captured one frame at a time on camera. The field of stop-motion animation is is vast and growing at a tremendous rate every year. For newbie animators and beginners, who want to learn more, please contact us or inquire for our animation course in Surat.

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In the hands-on method, there is requires a team of designers, cleanup artists, background artists, painters, directors and camera crews, along with storyboard artists and scriptwriters to work out the original concepts. In large-scale projects, there is more requirement for the amount of time, labor, and equipment involved is staggering.

Computer Animation is Faster

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If you are animating on the screen, you are working with computer animation. Computer animation can be either 2D or 3D animation, but 2D computer animation often includes virtualization of traditional 2D animation workspace, bringing paper and pen into the digital environment to redesign cartoon animation styles and workflow. 3D computer animation leans to involve a hybrid of workflows following traditional timelines adapted to working in the virtual 3D space. For more information on 3D Animation Courses in Surat, get in touch with us today.

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Computer animation excludes many tools required to create an animation, all you need is a computer with a proper system to operate 2D or 3D software application and skilled people capable of using different softwares such as Adobe After Effect, Photoshop, 3Dmax and much more. You can learn all of these softwares on a professional level by enrolling for any one of our courses for Animation in Surat.

Depending on animation types, sometimes the process can be fully computerized. In other cases such as in many 2D cartoon animation, the hand pencilling is still necessary.

There is still a requirement of 2D cartoon animations in many cases with hand-pencilling work, before it is scanned to the computer to be painted and digitally.

Computer animation is cheaper, faster and less labour-intensive than cel animation. In computer animation, you can use undo function for any mistake on digital files up to many steps.

It is difficult to classify animation as surely one or the other as many animators take a hybrid path in which some object of animation is created using traditional animation style before they are completed or improved using digital techniques.

Each day we get exposed to various types of animations, and with the improved precision among animators, it’s now almost difficult to note the difference between traditional and computer animation.

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