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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course at Arena Surat covers core concepts such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Digital Marketing Strategy.

The course will also help you to master tools and platforms such as Google Analytics, Adwords, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. This course is designed to bridge the break between traditional academic and industry demands by providing experiences that demonstrate competency in digital marketing skills.

So if you want to go to training in Digital Marketing, you are welcome to do so at Arena Surat. But make sure that you follow the steps in the course curriculum so that you can get hands-on experience in this field.

Learn to manage the digital campaigns, analyse data, and build revenues for brands and companies.

According to TRAI, in 2016, India had 36.74 crore Internet subscribers, and the number is growing every day. India’s digital advertising spends will reach 25,800 crores by 2020. India is going entirely digital – which is why recruiters are looking for trained people in Digital Marketing to drive growth. With Arena Surat quick course in Digital Marketing, develop the skills that will get you a good job and build your career.

Course Highlights:

  • Generate leads and aggregate audiences on social media.

  • Attract customers and drive sales, adding to the company’s profits.

  • Run digital marketing campaigns using tools like AdWords, mobile marketing, YouTube marketing.

  • Leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get websites listed in the top search engine results.

  • Measure the success of Mobile Marketing and analyse its reports.

Course Duration: 10 months



understanding of Digital Marketing and Media concepts
Marketing Basics –
Internet Advertising with Search Network –
Search Optimization Techniques –
Creative Display Ad Solutions –
Marketing using Email – 1 –
Mobile Marketing in Practice –
Introduction to Analytics –
Digital Marketing Portfolio –
Learn to • Build brand, generate leads & aggregate audience on Social Media.
Powerful Internet Advertising with Search Network –
Understanding Social Media Marketing –
Optimizing Social Media Marketing –
Content Marketing –
Affiliate Marketing –
Inbound Marketing –
Marketing using Email – 2 –
Lead Nurturing for Digital Marketing –
Legal Ecommerce –
Using Web Technology for Digital Marketing –
Analytics for Marketing –
Advanced Digital Marketing Portfolio –

You will get a Certificate in Digital Marketing from Arena Surat on completion of this course.

Career Options

Digital Marketing Executive
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist
Social Media Marketing Expert
Content Marketing Executive
Web & PPC (Pay Per Click) Analyst
Digital Sales Executive
Digital Marketing Consultant
Online Reputation Management Executive