What is Previsualization?

//What is Previsualization?

What is Previsualization?

Previsualization is the visualizing technique of complex scenes in a film before filming begins. Previsualization is used to describe techniques such as storyboarding, photography, illustrations, either in the form of charcoal sketches or in digital technology, the planning and conceptualization of scenes. It is also known as previz, previs, pre-rendering, or wireframe windows.


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Previsualization is a technique in which digital technology aids the planning and efficiency of shot production during the filmmaking process using computer graphics. Some pre-viz can look like grey shapes representing the characters or elements in a scene while other pre-vis can be modern enough to look like a modern video game.


Nowadays most of the filmmakers are looking to quick, yet optically-accurate 3D software to help with task of previsualization to lower budget and time limitations as well as give them greater control over the creative process by allowing them to create the previs themselves.


What Exactly is Previs?


Previs is the process of creating and planning a final product. The previs team works with a director to quickly generate an idea of what cameras, effects, performances, stunts, etc. may be needed for them to film. It’s a faster and less expensive, way to remake a movie or sequence, so they have a visual blueprint of the final product. It gives the director the ability to make changes before they start to film.


Why is it Important to Learn Previsualization?

The art of making a film has been evolving from the very beginning. Now with animation, the process of visualizing a product has moved from storyboards to animatics to previsualization animation.


Now previs has become mainstream in the film industry. Most of the major blockbuster films use previs regularly just look at the success of the latest VFX film. Chances are there that you will see at least one of the many facilities that do previs credited. Some movies previs every frame you see and some only do a sequence or two. And it’s not the heavy fight sequences that are prevised and it’s also many of the acting shots too. The reason to learn previs is to learn how to quickly lay in performances and camera in a way that is filmable. This is why all animators should learn at least some basic previs.


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Advantage of Previsualization

The main advantages of previsualization technique are that you are able to experiment with various staging and art direction options such as lighting, stage direction, editing and camera movement and placement- without having to incur the cost of actual production.


Also, previsualization can include sound effect, music and dialogue to emulate the look of entirely produced and edited sequences and are employed for complex or difficult scenes that involve special effect and stunts.

Digital video, hand-drawn art, photography, clip art and 3D animation combine in use.


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