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VFX Prime

VFX industry is one of the most promising and booming market seeking fresh as well as creative talents. VFX Prime is an intensive career course that will teach you all the aspects of visual effects. In this course, you can create special effects for various T.V shows, movies, games, commercials, etc.

At Arena Surat, We offer complete end-to-end training in VFX prime course to students for making them capable to get a direct entry into VFX segment with loads of career opportunities awaiting for their brighter future into the fields like graphic designer, storyboard artist, 3D Modeler etc.

In VFX Prime, you will get to learn about concepts of Graphics and Illustrations, Digital Painting, 2D Animation concepts, sound editing, anatomy study and every nuance of animation that can help you make a perfect VFX artist.

Course Highlight:

  • At Arena Surat, we provide a studio-like environment for practical training sessions.

  • Learn all techniques of VFX using Golaem Crowd, Arnold Renderer, Nuke.

  • Practical application using the latest versions of software of VFX and compositing.

  • Specialization in the chosen area and create a professional 3D portfolio.

  • Opportunity to be a part of industry visits and workshops.

  • Training in all techniques of VFX.

  • Projects at regular intervals.

  • 100% job placement assistance.

Course Duration: 28 months



Develop your own print portfolio & learn visualization, media publishing & graphic design skills.
Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations –
Anatomy Study –
Character Design –
Typography Design –
Digital Illustrations Adobe Illustrator CC
Concepts of Cinematography & Photography –
Digital Painting Adobe Photoshop CC
Art of Storytelling & Script Writing –
Audio – Video Editing Adobe Audition CC –

Adobe Premier Pro CC

Storyboarding and Animatics Adobe Premier Pro CC
Concepts of 2D Digital Animation –
Application of 2D Animation Principles Adobe Animate CC
Design Portfolio Project
Learn Arnold Renderer, exclusively available at Arena Animation, and create life–like crowd simulation, models, textures, light effects, rigs and animation
3D Basics -Modeling to Animation
Digital Sculpting Z Brush
Digital Modeling MAYA Unlimited
Texturing 3D Models MAYA Unlimited
Lighting and Rendering Models MAYA Unlimited
Rigging 3D Models MAYA Unlimited
3D Character Animation MAYA Unlimited
Fx, Dynamics and Simulation MAYA Unlimited
Matchmoving and Camera Tracking MAYA Unlimited
Crowd Simulation  Golaem Crowd
Working with Arnold Renderer  Arnold Renderer for Maya
Digital Compositing  Adobe After Effects Professional CC
Specialisation & Digital Portfolio Development (Choose 1 elective)  (1) Modelling & texturing
  (2) lighting & rendering
  (3) rigging & animation
  (4) compositing & VFX
OverviewLearn digital compositing: wire removal, colour correction, green/blue screen, match-moving & camera tracking using NUKE.
VFX Film Making –
Pre-visualization MAYA Unlimited
Introduction to Nuke Nuke
Rotoscopy Silhouette
Wire Removal Nuke
Colour Correction Nuke
Green/Blue Screen Nuke
Matchmoving & Camera Tracking NukeX
Matte Painting Nuke & Photoshop
Production Planning -III Shotgun
Specialisation & Digital Portfolio Development

(Choose 1 elective)

 (1) Modelling & Texturing
(2) Lighting & Rendering
(3) Rigging & Animation
(4) Compositing & VFX

You will get a Certificate in VFX Prime Program from Arena Surat on completion of this course.

Career Options

VFX Artist
Pre-visualization Artist
Roto & Paint Artist
Matchmove Artist
Tracking Artist
Video Editor
Storyboard Artist