Today’s consumers are regularly engaged with animated visual experiences, and there is a huge demand for artists to create these experiences for various purposes. Hence, Arena Animation has introduced a combination of animation & VFX skills training with the Animation-VFX Prime program.

Unleash your artistic potential as you embark on a journey that delves into the intricacies of animation techniques and the magic of visual effects. Our expert instructors will guide you through a dynamic curriculum that covers everything from the fundamentals of storytelling, character design, and motion principles to advanced topics like 3D modeling, compositing, and digital rendering.

Immerse yourself in hands-on projects that will challenge your creativity and refine your technical prowess. Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking to enhance your skill set or a beginner eager to explore the world of animation and VFX, this prime course caters to all levels of expertise.

Animation – VFX Prime comprehensively trains students in a duration of three terms:

Pre-production Design & Visualization
Digital Design
Concepts of Design & Composition
Lights, Colour& Perspectives
Concepts of Cinematography & Photography
Character Designing Application of 2D Animation Principles
Anatomy – Clay Modeling & Animation
Audio – Video Editing
Storytelling & Script Writing
Storyboarding and Animatics
Pre-Production Design Portfolio

3D Animation
3D Basics – Modeling to Animation
Digital Modeling with Maya
Texturing 3D Models with Maya
Lighting and Rendering Models with Maya
Rigging 3D Models with Maya
3D Character Animation
Digital Sculpting
FX Dynamics & Simulation
Photogrammetry & 3D Printing
Working with Arnold Renderer
Digital Compositing
3D Portfolio

VFX Compositing
VFX Storytelling & 3D Pre-Visualization
Introduction to Nuke
Roto Paint & Wire Removal
Keying (Green / Blue Screen)
VFX Compositing with Nuke
Matte Painting
VFX Portfolio

Pre-Production Artist  |  Character Designer  |  Storyboard Artist  |  Animatics Artist  |  2D Digital Artist  |  3D Asset Artist   3D Modeller  |  Texturing Artist  |  Lighting Artist  |  Rigging Artist  |  3D Generalist  |  3D Animator  |  FX Artist Photogrammetry Artist  |  Motion Graphic Designer  |  CG Compositor  |  Previz Artist  |  Roto Artist  |  Roto-Prep Artist Paint Artist  |  Matte Paint Artist  |  Matchmove Artist  |  3D Tracking Artist  |  Compositors


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