Gaming experience has evolved tremendously in the last 2 decades, and gaming studios rely on the artistic talents of Game Artists to drive the visual quality of a game. In line with this evolution, Arena Animation has launched the 3D Digital Game Art & Design program.

Explore the boundless realm of creativity and technology with our immersive 3D Digital Game Art & Design course. This dynamic and comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to take aspiring game artists and designers on an exhilarating journey into the captivating world of interactive digital entertainment.

3D Digital Game Art & Design comprehensively trains students in a duration of two terms:

Game Art & Design Fundamentals
Introduction to Game Production Process
Art for Games Light
Light, Colour& Perspective Fundamentals
Game & Stories Designing Game Characters
Game Mechanics
Concept Design for Game Character
Concept Design for Game Environment
Game Design Documentation
Game Level Design – Process & Practices
Introduction to Game Engine
Game Concept Art Portfolio

3D Game Asset Creation and Integration
Introduction to Blender
Game Asset Modeling
Retopology of Game Asset
Game Character Modeling
UV Mapping, Texturing & Sculpting
Game Character Rigging
Game Character Animation
Texturing of Game Asset
Character Setup in Game Engine
3D Game Art Portfolio

Game Designer | Game Visualizer | 3D Game Artist | Game Concept Designer | Game Concept Artist Game Character Designer Game Level | Environment Designer | Game Asset | Prop Modeler | Game Character Modeler Game Lighting Artist | Game Rigging Artist | Game Character Animator | Game Facial Animator | Game Tester Gameplay Animator

Adobe Photoshop | Krita | Nuclino | iClone | Blender | Substance Painter | Unreal Game Engine

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